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Registered Nurses


To work as part of a team providing nursing care to patients/families by utilizing the nursing process. To prioritize the delivery of direct nursing care, using time and resources efficiently. To assist physicians with procedures. To supervise personnel who are assigned to work area. To work collaboratively with office staff. To make nursing judgments and decisions; assume responsibility for nursing care and documentation. To assist in carrying out safe aseptic technique and procedures. Offers leadership and direction to non-RN staff.


  1. Provide direct patient care

  2. Administer medication and treatments as prescribed by physicia

  3. Assists physician with various procedures or delegate/assign to other healthcare team members as appropriate

  4. Able to clean, disinfect and/or sterilize instruments and equipment

  5. Responsible for complete and thorough performance of assigned tasks

  6. Participates in CQI activities as assigned

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