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Procedure Coordinator


In charge of starting the procedure scheduling process through the Open Access format.


  1. Guides patient through the Open Access Process.

  2. Schedules procedures based on set parameters.

  3. Manages Open Access Database .

  4. Documents all communications with patients.

  5. Devise schedules according to provider time and space availability.

  6. Ensure that physicians are scheduled at Southwest Endoscopy and Southwest Gastroenterology as a priority.

  7. Keep schedules updated incorporating changes daily.

  8. Revise provider schedules to maximize efficiency.

  9. Communicate regularly with Director regarding scheduling issues.

  10. Tactfully handles difficult situations; contacts are handled professionally and consistently with courtesy.

  11. Provide coverage for cancellation line when requested.

  12. Help in scheduling patients with unique needs, as requested.

  13. Participate in CQI as directed.

  14. Other duties as assigned

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