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To work as part of a team. Responsible for registering patients and making appointments following practice procedures. Typing, answering phones, transferring calls to the appropriate person or department, taking messages, and general telephone support for the practice.


  1. Verify all patient information for correctness and completeness.

  2. Schedule patient appointments for office visits according to policy.

  3. Utilize computerized system to match provider availability with patient’s preferences in terms of date and time.

  4. Ensures that patient appointments are updated in a timely fashion

  5. Communicates as needed with providers, clinicians and other staff about any patient concerns/issues related to scheduling.

  6. Take patient calls inquiring about location, directions, and any other questions.

  7. Tactfully handles difficult situations; contacts are handled professionally and consistently with courtesy.

  8. Reschedule cancelled appointments and send flag to physicians for cancelled appointments.

  9. Verify insurance coverage and benefits.

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