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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)


Directs all activities pertaining to anesthesia in conjunction with the Attending Physician; administers anesthetic agents to procedure patients in accordance with recognized anesthetic techniques, established procedural standards and administrative policies.


  1. Maintains contact with patients, evaluates quality of anesthesia services; prepares for and meets anesthesia emergencies as they arise.

  2. Maintains standards of safety as they apply to anesthesia.

  3. Establishes procedures and techniques for the care of the post-anesthetic patient.

  4. Administers anesthetic agents to patients in conformance with recognized anesthesia techniques and procedure, established standards and administrative policies.

  5. Checks pre-procedure charts and orders, prepares anesthesia supplies and equipment to be used.

  6. Observes the condition of the anesthetized patient during procedures and advises the physician of significant vital sign variations; records patient’s reaction to anesthetics and procedural stimulation.

  7. Interviews all scheduled patients prior to procedure.

  8. Returns the patient to the recovery area and determines immediate post-anesthetic care. Gives report to the recovery room nurse to include: procedure performed, patient’s condition pre, intra and post procedure, type and amount of fluids administered, estimated blood loss and any special medications administered during the procedure.

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