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Medical Records


To work as part of a team. Provides clerical support to the physicians and staff. Prepares charts for upcoming appointments for multiple providers. Processes records in the EMR


  1. Process records from the EMR into the correct patient chart and designated file within the chart

  2. Prepare paper records for scanning

  3. Scan/upload records into the EMR

  4. Review provider schedules to verify that all records have been processed within the chart, and to verify that the appointment type is correct

  5. Relabel procedures from Southwest Endoscopy, LTD (SWE)

  6. Process requests for records that are outside the scope of the copy service

  7. Answer phones and respond to voicemail/portal inquiries for records

  8. Schedule chart reviews

  9. Distribute paper faxes

  10. Aid staff and providers regarding medical records inquiries

  11. Retrieve records from clinical staff areas.

Chart Prep


  1. Review the schedule daily for provider/s 

  2. Obtain and file records from multiple portals into the patient’s EMR.

  3. Request records from other provider offices/facilities via electronic fax through the EMR.

  4. Import patient information, procedures, and past medical/surgical history into the EMR.

  5. Process labs/imaging/reports according to medical records standards into the EMR.

  6. Call patients as needed to locate records or verify if orders were completed.

  7. Review schedules daily for changes and prep add-on appointments accordingly. 

  8. Process Record of Care documents if needed.

  9. Import records from third-party applications (ELL-KAY) into EMR.

  10. Communicate with medical assistants and providers regarding information pending and/or missing from the EMR.

  11. Provide coverage for chart prep as needed .

  12. Confirm record sharing for new patients.

  13. CRNA chart prep-complete forms in Cognito, follow up on missing records and clearances as directed. 

Required Education and Experience

  • High school diploma or equivalent 

  • Training in medical terminology 

  • Proficiency with computers 

  • Familiarity with Athena and Centricity preferred 

  • Certification in healthcare/EHR field or 1 year experience in a healthcare setting 

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