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Attention: New Mexico's Physicians Facing a Medical Malpractice Crisis

As healthcare providers, we believe that patients deserve affordable, high-quality endoscopic procedures that are performed safely and conveniently in a non-threatening environment. We understand that hospital stays can be costly and intimidating, which is why outpatient care facilities (OCFs) play a vital role in providing affordable medical care to our community.

However, we are facing a crisis. The recently passed  The Medical Malpractice Act, HB 75, have erroneously categorized independently owned outpatient care facilities into the same group as hospitals. This means that facilities like Southwest Endoscopy will no longer have insurance coverage within the act as of Jan. 1, 2024, as no insurer in the country is willing to write a policy.

This is an alarming development that could threaten the ability of independently owned OCFs to provide high-quality care. Without insurance coverage, these facilities may not be able to bear the costs of malpractice lawsuits, which could result in closures and limited access to necessary medical care for patients.

We believe that it is our responsibility as healthcare providers to advocate for the needs of our patients. That is why we are urging lawmakers to reconsider the categorization of independently owned OCFs in The Medical Malpractice Act. By recognizing the unique needs and challenges faced by OCFs, lawmakers can help ensure that patients continue to have access to safe, affordable, high-quality medical care.

Join us in advocating for the needs of our community. Contact your local lawmakers today and urge them to support independent OCFs in New Mexico. Together, we can help ensure that patients receive the care they need and deserve.

  • Chairman Shendo: 505-986-4310

  • Vice chair Hamblen: 505-986-4266

  • Senator Jaramillo: 505-986-4487

  • Senator Lopez:  505-986-4380

  • Senate floor leader Wirth: 505-986-4727

  • Pete Campos: 505-986-4311

  • Joseph Cervantes: 505-986-4861

  • Katy Duhigg: 505-986-4270

  • Roberto Gonzales: 505-986-4362

  • Siah Correa Hemphill: 505-986-4863

  • Martin Hickey: 505-986-4513

  • Daniel Ivey Soto: 505-986-4267

  • Antonio Maestas:  505-986-4726

  • Brenda McKenna: 505-986-4301

  • George Munoz: 505-986-4371

  • Bill O'Neill: 505-986-4260

  • Gerald Oritzy Pino: 505-986-4482

  • Michael Padilla: 505-986-4737

  • Shannon Pinto: 505-986-4835

  • Harold Hope: 505-986-4365

  • Nancy Rodriguez: 505-986-4264

  • Antoinette Sedillo: Lopez 505-986-4389

  • William Soules: 505-986-4834

  • Elizabeth Stefanics: 505-986-4377

  • Jeff Stienborn: 505-986-4862

  • Mimi Stewart: 505-986-4734

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