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Endoscopy Technician


To work as part of a team preparing and decontaminating/disinfecting endoscopy equipment/environment for endoscopy procedures. To work with service providers to ensure equipment is regularly serviced and repaired. To ensure supplies and equipment are correctly received, distributed and tracked. To maintain a safe working environment by adhering strictly to health and safety policies and procedures. To assist physicians with procedures. To assist in carrying out safe aseptic technique and procedures. To collaborate with procedure room staff.


  1. Assist physician with various procedures.

  2. Perform all scope washing for the endoscopy center.

  3. Ensure maintenance of all equipment occurs at the prescribed interval with the contracted company.

  4. Clean and perform routine maintenance of all endoscope equipment.

  5. Restock endoscopy room with designated supplies.

  6. Provide technical assistance to medical and nursing staff.

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