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Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant


An exempt position responsible for providing patient care services as it relates to gastroenterology practice/hospital care including assessing, diagnosing, prescribing, treating, and educating patients. Works closely with physicians and other clinicians in a team approach to patient care. May specialize in a specific type of clinical care e.g., Hepatitis C, nutritional counseling, or IBD and may change with needs of patients and practice requirements.


  1. Assesses patient status by obtaining health history through patient/family interview and chart review; assessing presenting illness, risk factors, and family history, psychosocial situation, and cultural factors; and performing appropriate physical examination

  2. Orders/performs appropriate laboratory diagnostic and other screening tests. Seeks other information as needed, including consultation with physicians and other clinicians, for evaluation of illness. Integrates data to determine diagnosis and therapeutic plan, including identification of any health risks

  3. Develops and implements treatment plan by prescribing/dispensing medications and/or injections in compliance with medical practice guidelines and state laws. Instructs patient/family regarding medications and treatments. Educates patients regarding health promotion/illness prevention. Recommends and communicates appropriate community resources to meet patient/family needs. Communicates appropriate case management information to other professionals and community agencies. Prepares documentation for medical records including updating patient medical chart by posting examination and test results, diagnosis, medications, and treatment in written/computerized manner.

  4. Participates in peer review, chart review, staff education, clinical guideline development, and other continuing education and quality assurance activities to demonstrate compliance with standards, regulations, policies and procedures. Acts as consultant/collaborator to clinical team on area of specialty. Complies with patient confidentiality requirements. Promotes patient advocacy.

  5. Collaborates with physicians in managing acute and long-term medical needs of patient. Provides monitoring and continuity of care between visits according to treatment plan including triaging patient calls/portal messages.

  6. Respond and manage patients in EMR that require covering other providers “desk top” to respond to filling Rx, review lab, pathology and radiology results.

  7. Other duties as assigned

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