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Certified Medical Assistants (CMA)


A non-exempt position responsible for performing a variety of duties at Southwest Gastroenterology Associates (SWGA). May be involved in both the clinical and administrative areas including assisting physicians with patient care and handling clerical, environmental and organizational tasks. Provides information to patients so they may fully utilize and benefit from the clinical services at SWGA. May be assigned to a specific medical specialty department (i.e., triage, rectal banding, Fibroscan or Southwest Endoscopy).


  1. Fulfills patient care responsibilities as assigned that may include checking schedules and organizing patient flow. Accompanying patients to exam or procedure room. Assisting patients with walking, transfers, dressing, vital signs, and preparing for exams. Collecting patient history, performing screening per provider guidelines. Assisting physicians or ACP’s with various procedures. Documentation of patient visit. Relaying instructions to patients and their family. Answering calls and providing pertinent information

  2. Follows up via our EMR to assure all orders are completed by the patient and follow up as needed with the physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant.

  3. Take phone messages and provide feedback and answers promptly to patient/provider or other outside callers.

  4. Fulfills environmental responsibilities as assigned that may include setting up instruments and equipment according to department protocols; cleaning exam/procedure rooms, instruments, and equipment between patient visits to maintain infection control; ordering, sorting and storing supplies; restocking exam/procedure rooms.

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