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Medical Billing and Coding


Medical billing and coding specialists identify diagnoses, medical tests, treatments, and procedures found in patient documentation and then transcribe this patient data into standardized codes to bill government and commercial payers for physician reimbursement.


  1. Enter patient information into computer files and paper records, as required.

  2. Organize, manage, and sort paperwork (including patients’ charts).

  3. Continue to enter data as patients receive diagnostic tests and treatments.

  4. Translate information to medical code.

  5. Submit claims to insurance companies and other third-party payers.

  6. Collect and manage patient account payments.

  7. Ensure that the facility is reimbursed for all services provided.

  8. Ensure the confidentiality of patients’ personal information.

  9. Perform clerical duties that may include answering the telephone.

  10. Keeps up to date on new coding guidelines.

  11. Corrects claims that are returned due to errors in coding.

  12. Works closely with the billing team to ensure that all team members are aware of new issues and guidelines.

Required Education and Experience

  • High school diploma or equivalent 

  • Training in medical terminology 

  • Proficiency with computers 

  • Familiarity with Athena and Centricity preferred 

  • 1-year experience in a healthcare setting.

  • Preferred: Certified Professional Coder (CPC).

  • Preferred: Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS)

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